About Me

I write my knowledge and experiences in business and private life with the motto of “Spoken words fly away, written words remain“.

I believe in ” Tax of the personal knowledge is 100 %”   that’s why I want to share with you all my knowledge about towels

Textile Engineer specialized in the production of Home&Hotel textile for Oya Textile

At Oya Textile:

✅ Developing the most suitable Home & Hotel Textile product based on the target price.

✅ Providing custom-made products even in low minimum order quantities.

✅ Fast and transparent service in the production process.


✔ Terry Towels and Bathmats

✔ Bathrobes and Slippers

✔ Organic Towels, Bathmats, and Bathrobes

✔ Bed linens

✔ Table Linens, Napkins, Kitchen Towels

✔ Hotel&Spa Towels and Bed linens

E-mail: sales@oyatextile.com

Whatsapp: +90 546 207 65 60

Website: www.oyatextile.com

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