Sourcing & Buying Beach Towels

Is beach towel an ideal product to start ecommerce business on AMAZON or other ecommerce websites?

My answer as a towel producer is absolutely YES, but be carefull about below points to choose and source the products.

Once test the towels on market with low quantities. Find the coolest 2 design (1 for women, 1 for men) Then see the results. No need to sell more design at the beginning. 

It must be light weight so ı suggest you printed beach towels ( plain/Terry towels, Peshterry) or weft colored beach towels(see above Flamingo Design). * Velour towels also are another option for light weight towels. 

İf you want to offer this beach towels as pool towels too, They must be vat dyed( cholorine resistance) * Sell the standart widths such as 70 cm, 90 cm or 100 cm because special sizes cost you more + Minimum order quantities will be higher for them.

Don’t Forget the presentation of products to clients ” Packaging is the most affective argument in selling products” Find a CHEAP and IMPRESSIVE packaging way.

What is your experiences about beach towels on ecommerce websites? Is it a fast-sold product?

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