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Towels are sold by weight (Kg or Lb) like tomato and potato but many factors affect towel prices, so ı give buyers some tips to chose towels to depend on the price range. Of course, the main matters are yarn, weaving and dying types in towel prices. I will explain here only weaving types.

There is two type of weaving machines for towel manufacturing. Towels are weaved in Dobby or Jacquard looms depend on the design. Their production costs are different from each other.The major factor affecting the weaving cost is production speed which means the number of towels produced per hour. So what are the parameters affecting the speed of production?

  • Dobby & Jacquard Looms: Dobby looms production rates are more than Jacquard looms. In summary, there is a 10 % price difference between two production type(dobby and jacquard) on the final product for basic towels. Dobby towels are the best chose for economic towels like hotel towels, market towels, and promotion towels. See below Dobby & Jacquard Towels

  • Weft Thread/cm or Weft Density is the main parameter that determines the production rate. If the weft density is high, the production speed is slowing down that means prices rise in production. So it is better to avoid towels that weft density is higher like polyester weft bordures
  • Gram square meter ( GSM): if the towel’s gsm is lower, the production rate is less. For example, Peshtemal towels are lightweight towels so their weaving prices are expensive than normal towels.
  • Jumbo & Normal Jacquard looms: Jumbo Jacquard looms has limited width (50 cm, 70 cm, and 100 cm) capacity to produce towels but their product prices are lower around 20 % than normal jacquard looms.

In conclusion, weaving affects the production prices depend on the loom type, weft density and gsm. These items should be taken into consideration when choosing towels.

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