Ground Warp or Warp Yarn of Terry Towels

Woven fabrics are consist of warp and weft yarns in 2 dimensions, but terry towels are consist of in 3 dimensions with an additional pile yarn. Threads that are parallel to the edge along the length of the woven fabric are called warps.

Warp yarn is the main carrier yarn for weft and pile threads.  That’s the way warp yarn strength must be high so that the towel has a long life.  I will summarize the properties of the warp threads below.

  • Warp threads usually are Ne 10/1, Ne 12/1 for under 450 gsm towels, on the other hand, they usually are Ne 20/2, Ne 24/2 for above 450 gsm towels because high gsm towels must have high strength warp yarn o keep weft and pile threads together.
  • Ne 20/2( double) warp yarn is preferred for velour and yarn dyed towels because they are more sensitive towels according to solid dyed towels
  • P/C warp yarns are preferred in industrial towels to be resistant to washing. Be careful, towels made with PC warp yarn are shrunk more than 100 % cotton towels.
  • Towels made with washed or dyed warp yarns also have less shrink after washing. Therefore it is better to use dyed or washed warp yarns for towels which need to be less shrink after washing. For example below lounge chair towels have not too many shrink tolerances after washing because it won’t be fit to the lounge chair if the towel shrink more.

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