Pile Height of Terry Towels

Pile height has a very important effect on the usage and comfort properties of terry fabrics. I will list briefly my notes below about the pile height. Pile Height varies between 2,5 mm and 9 mm. Notice that is not pile yarn consumption or pile density.

  • Pile height has the most significant effect on water absorption properties. High pile height means high weight.
  • Double pile yarns (2/20’s, 2/24’s, 2/12’s) have less pile height than single pile yarsn( 1/12’s, 1/16’s, 1/20’s, 1/24’s)
  • Short pile towels become long-lasting. Therefore, hospitality industry towels must have shorter pile height. We prefer to use for pile yarn 2/20’s to catch the optimum pile height for hospitality towels.
  • Optimum pile height means the smooth appearance on towel surface. You may have experienced at home that towels wrinkled and looks like washed more than 100 times. This may be due to high pile height or low twist of yarns.
  • Reaching enough pile height is important for sculpting design towels because the design cannot be seen clearly on towel surface if there is not enough pile height. That’s the way sculpting design(Woven with high- and low-pile loops) towels weight must be more than 450 gsm or 500 gsm. Below towels may be an example of sculpting design towels.

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