Pile Height of Terry Towels


Terry towels are separated from flat fabrics by pile yarns. Pile yarn means the 3rd dimension in flat fabrics. % 80 of towel weight consists from pile yarns. That’s why every buyer and end user of terry towels need to know the effect of pile height of terry towels.

What Is the Pile Height of Terry Towels, Carpets and Rugs?

Pile Height of Terry Towels

Pile height is the pile yarn height in mm above the ground of terry towels, carpets or rugs in both front side and back side.  More pile height means more consumption of pile yarn in the production of terry towels. 

Pile Height varies between 2,5 mm and 9 mm. Furthermore, terry towels made with double pile yarns have less pile height than the towels made with single pile yarns. 

Pile yarn comes in 2 different varieties; pile loops and cut loops ( velour towels).

Cut loops( velour towels) has less pile height because their loop is cut after weaving. Velour towels have incredibly soft and plush appearance.

Terry Towel Pile Height: The 3 Things You Need to Know

Pile height of terry towels has a very important effect on the usage and comfort properties of terry fabrics. We can summarize the effect of pile height of terry towels in 3 categories

1- Water Absorbency of Terry Towels Depend On Pile Height

Pile height has the most significant effect on water absorption properties. High pile height means the high weight of towels. consumption 

That research Conducted by an Indian company (Effect of Pile Density on Physical Properties of Terry Towel Fabric ) shows that high pile heights refer to high absorptions in terry towels.

2- Thicker Isn’t Better for All Towels

Double pile yarns (2/20’s, 2/24’s, 2/12’s) have less pile height than single pile yarsn( 1/12’s, 1/16’s, 1/20’s, 1/24’s) So towels are produced with double pile yarn become thinner. 

Terry towels have short pile height become long-lasting. Therefore, hospitality industry towels must have shorter pile height. We prefer to use for pile yarn 2/20’s to catch the optimum pile height for hospitality towels.

3- Optimum Pile Height Depend on the Towel Design

Reaching enough pile height is important for sculpting design towels because the design cannot be seen clearly on towel surface if there is not enough pile height. That’s why sculpting design(Woven with high- and low-pile loops) towels weight must be more than 450 gsm or 500 gsm. Below towels are an example of sculpting design towels.

Pile height of terry towels high and low loops-1
– Roka home
Pile height of terry towels high and low loops-2

Pile height of terry towels high and low loops-2- Roka home

Optimum pile height means the smooth appearance on Terry Towel surface.

Terry towels weaved by overly pile height looks like a hangover 🙂  They are not quick dry terry towels. 

On the other, Terry towels with short pile height have not a comfortable usage. they hurt the skin while using. 

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