Woven fabrics are consist of warp and weft yarns in 2 dimensions, but terry towels are consist of in 3 dimensions with an additional pile yarn.  80 % volume of towels are pile yarn so pile yarn means towel quality: Softness, color, appearance, water absorbency etc. I will summarize the properties of the pile threads below.

  • Pile yarns are usually 100 % cotton. it is used rarely in some other types of yarns like bamboo and viscose yarns. 
  • Pile threads usually are Ne 16/1, Ne 20/, and 24/1 for lightweight towels, on the other hand, they usually are Ne 16/2, Ne 20/2, Ne 12/1, and Ne 12/2 for high gsm towels and bathmats
  • Two or more ply pile yarns are used when high quality is required such as absorbency, appearance, and resistance to pile lay.
  •  Industrial towels must be resistant to washing. Towels made with the double pile yarn has less pile height so their life is more than single pile yarn towels. That’s the way double pile yarns are preferred in industrial towels
  • Towels weaved with yarn-dyed pile yarns are softer than solid-dyed towels.  Of course, they are expensive.

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