Towels Designed With Colored Weft Yarns

Towels generally are weaved by Ne 16/1 or Ne 15/1 100% cotton weft yarn. 50% Cotton 50% Polyester yarn is preferred in industrial products for high tensile strength and durability. Washed or bleached weft yarns are also preferred to have lower shrinkage on the width of towels.

Many patterns can be created by colored weft yarns in both dobby and jacquard looms. Let’s see what kind of designs can be created.


They are generally weaved with colored polyester yarn on the border. We can create many designs with colored polyester yarns but we have to be careful while choosing the pattern and weft yarn.

Polyester yarns are fixed stapled yarns, the shrinkage ratio is different than cotton yarn so there is a shrinkage difference in along the towel. Another problem is the pilling of polyester borders after washing. Anti-pilling treatment can be a solution.

TOWELS wıth floss weft yarn

Floss yarns are preferred in weft patterned towels because they look shiny and look more bright in soft colored towels. Since the wet strength is low, they are not preferred at the border. On the other hand, small borders like striped patterns are preferred.

The cellulosic-based floss yarn is used as a raw material in wefts, and it is painted in the color of the towel together with the cotton towel, but it looks brighter. Generally, 300 denier floss yarns are used.


Colored cotton or poly-cotton weft yarns can be patterned to produce pleasant-looking towels at low cost.  They are bleached towels. In the hotel and hospital towels, vat dyed weft thread can be used to achieve an effective appearance, as shown in the pictures below. This type of towel is also a favorite for those who want to use a separate color towel on each floor in hospitals.


Many fancy yarns can be used in the weft along the towel or bordure part. Of course, the pattern can be created by many types of yarns, but the matter is the durability of patterns.


Weft quality is important for production efficiency because weaving speed is determined by the speed of weft yarn filling. We can also create many patterns by weft yarns in place of yarn dyed towels at low cost.

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