Zero twist yarns ( Cotton+PVA) recently became more popular in luxurious towels because of their softness and fluffy pile appearance. I am going to explain the detail of production and the towel properties of that kind of towels.

Zero Twist Yarn Properties

A cotton yarn is produced in Ring spinning machine or Rotor( open-end) spinning machines. Pile yarns can be twisted many times between 500 and 600 per meter in Z-twist direction. As a result, all cotton yarns must be twisted during the production.

A twisted cotton pile yarn is doubled with a PVA yarn. Then, the doubled yarns are twisted in opposite direction(S-twist). The opposite twist number is the same twist number as the original cotton yarn so the cotton yarn becomes zero-twist yarn.

See the above pictures. 1st picture is zero twist pile which have more absorbent and fluffy appearance. 2nd picture is the twisted pile which is less soft-touch then the zero twist towels.

PVA yarn covers the cotton yarn to reinforce for weaving process. On the other hand, the sizing process is not necessary for Cotton/PVA yarn for the towels that is under 450 GSM.

The PVA yarn is eliminated by water during the dying process so the cotton yarn is being twistless. We call also for this yarns; Twistless Cotton, Zero Twist cotton, Air cotton.

Zero Twist Towels 

Zero Twist towels have a soft-touch quality and fluffy appearance. They are also looking more heavier than it is. You may concern about their durability. Their useful life is enough long both for homes and industrial products like the hotel and hospital towels.

  • Abrasion resistance of twistless towels is lower in comparison to that of normal towels.
  • The thickness of twistless towels is higher. This is shown that twistless towels are more bulky and softer than that of normal towels.
  • Pile pulling force of twist-less towels is lower than that of normal twist towels.
  •  Properties relating to water absorbency in terms of rate of water absorption, ie, sinking time, capacity to absorb water in terms of water retention and surface water absorption are better in twistless towels than that of normal towels.

Not-1: Yarn dyed towels cannot produce from zero twist yarns.

Not-2: it is possible to produce towels up to 600-650 gsm in zero twist towels.

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Sources: Terry towels from twistless yarn, Roka home collections.


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